Conditions and Trends In Our Region


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Thank you for visiting the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium’s (NEOSCC’s) Conditions and Trends (C+T) Platform, a tool to help Northeast Ohioans understand, talk about and contribute to the future of their region.

NEOSCC is a group of 33 organizations from across the 12-county Northeast Ohio region that have come together to help ensure that Northeast Ohio is sustainable and resilient and that the things we value most about our region are protected and preserved. NEOSCC will shortly launch an effort to engage the entire region in a broad conversation about what Northeast Ohioans value and how our region can become more vibrant (see the Vibrant NEO Engagement Plan).

In preparation for this regional conversation, NEOSCC staff, Consortium members and over 150 subject-matter experts distilled information from public policy plans, planning initiatives and other resources from across the region into a comprehensive set of findings about our region. These findings are the heart of this Conditions and Trends Platform. They are not a definitive list; instead, they are a starting point for understanding our region. And there are no solutions or recommendations within these findings; any recommendations resulting from NEOSCC’s work will be developed in collaboration with Northeast Ohio’s leaders and residents.

This Conditions and Trends Platform is a beginning, not an end. It is a work in progress. As NEOSCC’s work proceeds, we will use the platform to interact with you and other Northeast Ohioans and we will make changes to the platform as we learn from one another. In the coming weeks and months, we will add functions that will allow Northeast Ohio residents to contribute in many different ways, so that we can all work together to build the Platform into a living, breathing resource that belongs to all of us.

So, again, welcome to the Conditions and Trends Platform!

View it, review it, comment on it or share it. And above all, please use it!





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You can view the C & T Findings by “THEMES” that help describe what we found or by the subject-area “WORK STREAMS” that developed these Findings.


Assets & Resources

Northeast Ohio has significant regional assets and resources

Population Decline

Northeast Ohio has built out into the region even as its population has slightly declined

Spreading Out

The spreading out of Northeast Ohio's population has had a significant impact on the region

Evolving Understanding

Northeast Ohio's understanding of the region and its needs continues to evolve

Continuing Challenge

Northeast Ohio has work to finish and emerging challenges to meet


Economic Development

The Economic Development work stream will begin by assessing economic trends in northeast Ohio and its subregions by concentrating on target industries that contribute to economic growth. In collaboration with the other work streams, the Economic Development team will identify development principles that contribute to a sustainable northeast Ohio economy. Using these tools, the Economic Development work stream will craft specific policies and practices that can be implemented by various stakeholders to support long-term economic growth in the region.


The Environments work stream seeks to deliver an actionable plan for the protection of significant natural resources in northeast Ohio. By integrating existing plans for air and water quality, sewer and water infrastructure, parks and recreation, and energy resources, policy recommendations can be given that foster true implementation at each level of government. The work stream will identify important connections between the environment, transportation, and land use strategies with achievable outcomes. This includes tasks such as reducing availability of undeveloped land while simultaneously facilitating compact, infill, mixed-use, and walkable development. The plan will also seek to increase public access to parks, trails, local food, and other recreational amenities. The implementation of other useful tools, like facility siting, will help to remediate environmental degradation and mitigate environmental impacts.

Housing & Communities

The Housing and Communities work stream will recommend policies, practices, and priorities that are crafted to improve regional housing equity, access, and quality. Such suggestions will include energy-efficient, cost-saving alternatives to traditional solutions. The work stream will also value the individual communities and neighborhoods in northeast Ohio by promoting the growth of a healthy, safe, and walkable region.


The Connections work stream will work to guide the development of goals and policies for future infrastructure investments that will balance the needs of all transportation system users in the region. The Connections team will also seek to find ways to optimize access to each mode of transportation in order to connect people to jobs and destinations, move goods and freight, and lower transportation costs for users. In achieving these goals, the Connections work stream plan will help to foster the ideals of the other work streams such as reducing environmental impact and promoting vibrant, inter-connected communities and neighborhoods

Quality Connected Places

The Quality Connected Places work stream will primarily integrate and synthesize the output of other work streams. The team will focus on supporting the region's preexisting communities by identifying, linking, and leveraging their unique assets. This will include recommending changes to the policies and procedures that prevent the northeast Ohio area from competing as a true 'quality connected' region. Scenario planning will be conducted to identify and evaluate alternative long-term development patterns and their impact on the region's various built and natural communities and environments. The Quality Connected Places plan will help direct the production of the final NEOSCC Regional Plan.