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Northeast Ohio Belongs to All of Us

The uniqueness of our region is expressed differently throughout Northeast Ohio.  Our people, our places, our culture and our values represent many points of view, treasured communities and assets to celebrate.

In creating the Vibrant Northeast Ohio Engagement framework, NEOSCC has committed to ensuring that voices throughout the region are engaged and included from the very beginning.  NEOSCC’s engagement efforts are geared to accomplish the following purposes:

Be Inclusive: This is a plan for the entire region from the rural counties to the suburbs to the urban core.

Enhance and Collaborate: In the present economic climate and with the current level of resources, this is a critical opportunity for our region to come together to enhance the strength of our regional assets and collaborate on shared issues and challenges.

Make Places: Fostering opportunities for learning and sharing through dialogue and exchange, all stakeholders in Northeast Ohio will build a stronger comprehension of our regional strengths and connect these competitive advantages into a stronger sense of place.

Share vision and empower:  The collaborative nature of the planning process at all levels of engagement will create a shared vision of the entire region.  Building relationships and valued exchange will be paramount so stakeholders (at all levels) are invested in the solutions and empowered to ACT.

Build on past successes:  The initiative will build on past success such as Voices & Choices, on a regional engagement level that set the stage for the Advance Northeast Ohio agenda that has guided economic development work, as well as other initiatives such as Youngstown 2010, Sustainable Cleveland 2019, Regional Prosperity Initiative,, The Oberlin Project and 2025 Imagine Akron., NEORIO etc.

Our Goals

Reach as many individuals and organizations throughout the 12 counties to engage and act, paying particular attention to the following groups: those typically under-served or unrepresented in the planning process.

Create an understanding of regional and local issues and opportunities.

Engage the public in a dialogue that develops common ground for collaboration and action.

Develop dynamic and ongoing relationships, both existing and new.

Implement and model an engagement platform that is both vibrant and enduring.


How NEOSCC approaches its work

Our Conversations

In order to meet our goals, the NEOSCC Communications and Engagement Committee identified four key elements of its engagement process to ensure a more meaningful participatory experience: Learning, Sharing, Creating and Acting.  These elements are seen as critical to all engagement activities and will be organic in the processes.

Our Network of Networks

The development of the Conditions and Trends Platform has been informed by the beginning of a collaborative network.  This collaboration highlights many experts and perspectives from across Northeast Ohio.    This will continue as we begin our community engagement over the next few months and will be one of the most important outcomes of our work


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