CAT Toolkit

The Conditions and Trends Toolkit: What It Is and How to Use It

NEOSCC’s Conditions and Trends Platform (CAT) is an online tool designed to help Northeast Ohioans understand, talk about and contribute to the future of our region.

To help NEOSCC spread the word about the Platform and encourage Northeast Ohioans to make use of this resource, we’ve created a CAT Toolkit, which includes items to make it easier to talk about and share the Conditions and Trends Platform with your networks.


Toolkit Components

CAT Talking Points

A summary of the information you’ll need to talk about the CAT and NEOSCC with colleagues, friends and family.

CAT Executive Summary (PDF)

The CAT Executive Summary provides a short synopsis of the Platform’s Themes and key Findings. This PDF can be emailed and/or made available for downloading on your website.

Newsletter Articles and Graphics

Your organization’s printed or emailed newsletter can be a great way to spread the word about then CAT Platform, so we have included sample overview articles. We have written these articles in 500-word, 300-word and 100-word lengths to ensure you have something you can use, no matter what space is available in your newsletter. We’ve provided sample graphics and images to use with these articles. For very small spaces, we have included a headline link.

Sample Email, Facebook and Twitter Messages

You and your organization have substantial networks. We need your help ensuring they know the CAT Platform is a resource they can use and engaging them in NEOSCC’s efforts to make Northeast Ohio more sustainable. As part of the CAT Toolkit, we’ve provided you with sample messages you can use to share the CAT Platform with your networks by email, through Facebook and through Twitter.

Website Badges

Your organization’s website is an important communications hub for your networks, and that means it’s a perfect place to share information about the CAT Platform. The Toolkit provides easy ways to share the CAT Platform with your website visitors:

  • Square and banner-sized HTML icons for your website homepage which link directly to the CAT Platform. Your website administrator can help decide which fits best on your site, and how to use them.

Printed Executive Summary Mailing

A six page Executive Summary has been printed. If you are interested in distributing to your mailing lists, please contact We have a standard cover letter and can take care of all of the mailing logistics.

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